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You will need a Windows Media Player to listen.

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Technical production and audio by NewVoices, Inc., audio/video production for the Internet IA-Connections produces audio

    Please note: You must have a Windows Media Player™ to hear the sound files we provide without subscription. Your computer probably came with this installed, but you can obtain a free copy of Media Player™ (or update an older one) at:
    Microsoft Dowloads

    *A NOTE:
    If you have a slow connection there are some things we can suggest to make listening easier:

    • Your computer may require long periods while the file downloads but you can go to other pages or sites while the download is processing. (Sites with very large files will slow the download.) If you choose this approach, be sure to plan your listening ahead so you can allow for a longer wait while the file downloads. It may appear that nothing is happening during this time so be patient.

      Some Firefox users may have problems because you don't have the Windows Media Player plugin installed for Firefox, so all you need to do is download and install it.

      For a fuller discussion of this problem.

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